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Welcome to Beauty Cell Factor Academy

Permanent-Makeup Course.

Beauty is one the most powerful weapons women have. Youth is obviously temporary, but beauty lasts as long as we take care of it.

Our vision is to unite Beauty Cell Factor client who will be identifiable for their flawless beauty.

We wish to offer top professionals and artists possessing manual skills that serve beauty. These are sourced from educated and sensible professionals who understand that we can only achieve our goal jointly.

Let’s start with the idea behind permanent make-up which is a waterproof make-up that subtly enhances natural beauty.

Our teaching experience suggests that anything can be learned provided that material is divided into small portions that are taught separately.

Our students are taught through live or online courses and have to meet very strict criteria and exhibit ability to adhere to strict standards prior to obtaining their certificates.

Your course includes 6 months of mentorship. If you need additional time to get certified, you can purchase an extension.

Keep in mind that Permanent Make-up takes a lot of practice. We recommend 20-30 minutes of daily practice on latex to master the technique. Remember, it takes time and repetition to learn a trade.

We understand that you are very excited and you want to complete the course as soon as possible. Please be patient.

All the communications with your trainer must take place in WhatsApp group. It is prohibited for your trainer to give feedback outside of the WhatsApp group. You can send texts, pictures, audio and video messages in the WhatsApp group.

Our goal is to help you become a great artist, not just to certify you.,

If you find at any point of the course that you are not allowed to pass to the next level, it’s because your work did not yet meet the Beauty Cell Factor standard. It is to your benefit to stay on the level you are at and continue practicing, using your trainer’s guidance until you master the exercise.

It is prohibited to submit work that is not your own. In order to avoid this, the academy must be strict with the policy for this circumstance, and there will be a penalty.

In addition to passing the skills we try to teach our students to respect their clients which implies taking care of them, e.g. use high quality products and advanced techniques.

After obtaining the certificate, a student becomes a Beauty Cell Factor Artist. The Beauty Cell Factor Artist has obtained and proved the skill they have learned.

Beauty Cell Factor only supplies high quality products. We choose the brands that have earned their high standing in the industry thanks to the quality built through experience rather than achieved their position on the market through sheer marketing.

We want you to succeed. Remember, your success is our success. Good luck!

Courage over Comfort!