Terms and Conditions

STUDENT understands and agrees to the description below regarding the 3 items that are included with their purchase of the Beauty Cell Factor Academy Online Certification Courses

[1] The Official BASIC KIT (With a retail value of over $750 depending on the course enrolled and the kit description listed)

[2] The standard 6 (SIX) month subscription to our courses, available through our website beautycellfactor.com (which includes a detailed course carefully designed and full of information, photos and video for the purpose of teaching the STUDENT the exclusive, Beauty Cell Factor method of permanent makeup techniques/medical pigmentation. The online course content is available in both in English and Spanish to ensure that the methods and concepts described are well understood by both English and Spanish speaking students.

[3] The standard 6 (SIX) months of ongoing support from a Beauty Cell Factor certified master trainer. 

STUDENT will communicate with their assigned master trainer via the free mobile application (WhatsApp) as they move through the various levels of the course.

When STUDENT submits their assignments to a master trainer via WhatsApp, the master trainer is required to reply to STUDENT within 72 hours.
When STUDENT sends a communication to their trainer, they will need to wait for a response on that communication before sending a second communication.

STUDENT shall sign this agreement prior to the activation of the course

All tuition payments are non-refundable.

STUDENT shall be responsible to do their own research and determine whether or not they may legally perform the services they learn from any course they have purchased from Beauty Cell Factor Academy. Beauty Cell Factor Academy is not responsible to confirm whether or not any particular student may legally perform the services where said student lives and works.


To guarantee your spot in the live certification course for which you registered, the following must be completed / provided to Beauty Cell Factor Academy by the final registration date displayed for your particular course:

  • Full payment.
  • Proof of required certification and licensing must be provided.

Student is responsible to make their final (or full) tuition payment by the deadline associated with the live course.

A student who does not submit proper licensing in time will be unable to work on a model (We are required by law to enforce this policy).


All tuition payments are non-refundable, but are transferable only under special health related circumstances which would require documentation for verification. If you have such a health related issue, the sooner you inform us, the better chance we have to help you resolve the situation. Get started on the requirements to obtain your license today. We want to make sure that you get to work on a model! If in doubt on the right option, kindly contact us!


All payments are non-refundable, however, payments are transferable to a different live course date under the circumstances described below. 

A $500 deposit is required to secure your spot in a live certification course.

The remaining balance is due by the deadline advertised on registration page for the live certification course which you registered for.

If the remaining balance is not paid by the deadline mentioned above, you lose the guarantee of your spot in the live course you registered for.

You may still attend the live certification course that you registered for if your remaining balance is paid, as long as there is still space in the course you registered for at the time of payment.

If the course you originally registered for becomes filled and you are no longer able to attend as a result of missing the “balance due deadline”, your payments are transferable to another live certification course date.


You may register and pay through any of the live course/online course registration pages on our website www.beautycellfactor.com.

In the rare instance that the ability to register and pay for one of our courses is unavailable on our website, you may express your interest in registering to one of our team members by phone by calling our academy and we will arrange to send you an invoice to pay. You may pay directly through the PAY NOW button included with the invoice that we email you. The PAY NOW button allows you to pay via credit card/PayPal.


All students, regardless of what state you reside in, must provide proof that all requirements below have been met by the deadline advertised for any live course. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the guarantee of your spot in the certification course you have registered for.

Requirements to attend our live certification courses

1. Bloodborne pathogens and communicable diseases certification

2. Tattoo license (this depends on the event location)

(For the specific requirements related to any certification courses held outside of the state of Florida, please inquire at hello@beautycellfactor.com)


Our policy makes all payments non-refundable and final, but transferable under special circumstances. This policy exists to encourage training for only those who are serious about building a PMU/Medical Aesthetic business.

In the event that the final payment due for a particular course has not yet been paid by the deadline,
please see the description in our PAYMENT POLICY section above.

The one additional exception to our cancellation policy pertains to health related emergencies. If due to a health related emergency you cannot attend one of our courses for which you are registered, it is compulsory for the student to inform Beauty Cell Factor immediately and provide verification. If
approved, Beauty Cell Factor Academy would only allow for the transfer of the registration to another date offering the same course. All payments are non refundable.

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